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Dark skin after shaving 3 tips to prevent this

There is nothing more annoying than your skin turning dark after shaving. It is a very annoying ailment that can suddenly appear. You can see the skin turning dark especially in the armpits, pubic area and face. It is a form of hyperpigmentation that is fueled by hair removal from the skin. With every shaving session you can damage the skin without noticing it. Such damage is not or hardly visible to the eye.

Lighten the bikini line

Dark skin after shaving

With every shave you damage the skin whether you want it or not. Do you shave with a razor blade or shaver or do you prefer to wax or epilate? The last two ways damage the skin the most. Are you sensitive to pigment production or is your skin lighter to darker? Then you will suffer from this ailment faster. Once the skin has produced melanin and the skin has become visibly darker. Then it is quite difficult to get rid of this again, but certainly not impossible. There are some good ways that are able to lighten the skin, namely:

  • Skin whitening with a skin-friendly bleaching cream;
  • Lasering: tackling dark areas with light beams;
  • chemical peeling: aimed at skin renewal in which the skin starts to peel considerably.

Bleach dark skin after shaving

Lightening dark skin with a whitening cream is a good way to tackle dark discolorations. A good whitening cream can lighten the skin up to 3 shades. Do not expect results immediately after a week of use. It is important to really use the cream as a day cream. When can you expect results? Most users of skin whitening cream Skinlight show results after 8-12 weeks.

Laser bikini line

Another way to do the dark skin after shaving to tackle is to laser remove the discoloration. Please note that this method is not always possible. Make an appointment at a laser clinic and be sure to inquire about the possibilities.

Chemical peel

A chemical peel has also been shown to be very effective. Especially in combination with a whitening cream. This method is aimed at skin renewal. This is achieved by stimulating the skin to shed. After the treatment, your skin will therefore peel considerably. This takes about a week. The first few days you notice that your skin is very red, this will disappear by itself, so don't be alarmed by that.

Lighten the bikini line

The above methods are not all equally afraid of making the bikini line lighter. You can always consult to discuss the possibilities. Most people opt for a good whitening cream in these situations so that you can get started yourself. Apply the cream twice a day, possibly in combination with a sunscreen.

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