Skin lightening cream for all skin tones.

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  • MSCHD 20-29 years Rotterdam

    Good product, with about 2 months the strong black discolorations under my armpits have almost disappeared! (and even have 1/3 bottle left). I used 4-5 pumps per armpit 2x a day. (Posted on

  • Murrie70 20-29 years Deventer

    I needed this product to get rid of dark circles under my eyes and it helped me a lot. (Posted on

  • Nadine Finza 30-39 years old Ravels

    For me this is really a top cream. Been using it for quite some time now and my pigment spots have become a lot lighter. In addition, my entire face and décolleté look a lot more even. I'm going through with it! (Posted on

  • Miri1990 20-29 years Amsterdam

    Very very satisfied. Bottle is economical and it works very well against color difference. Have used it for my face and hands, which have always been a bit darker on me. I didn't immediately see results and I was very disappointed. But finally after about week 7 I suddenly started to see a difference. Now my face and hands are about two shades lighter and that's unbelievable. Am very happy with this. Thanks also for that nice discount code of 5 euros. X Miri (Posted on

  • Anntwo aged 29-39 The Hague

    Fine texture, gentle on the skin, it takes some patience before you see results, but my pregnancy spots on my face are much less noticeable after 3 weeks of use. Handy bottle. (Posted on

  • Arvita 50-59 years Meppel

    I have been using this product for a few months now. The pump system allows you to use very small amounts, really drop by drop. I use the product for some unsightly freckles on my décolleté and I see that it slowly fades away, they are almost gone, it is that I know they are there, but for others it is not noticeable at all. It is a pleasant product, does not feel bad and smells wonderful, no aggressive approach, but caring for the skin. I recommend it to everyone, the price is a bit higher, but for that you also have a quality product! And be honest, an ordinary good day cream is also pricey these days. Use so little of it that I can certainly continue for a few months. (Posted on

Our story

The solution for pigment problems in light to dark skin tones

  • Suitable for very light to very dark skin tones

    Our formula is suitable and tested on all skin colors and skin types. From European skin to Asian skin. And from very light skin to very dark skin. The test was conducted for a period of 6 weeks on volunteers in the Netherlands.

  • We value Result

    We are always honest about what you can expect from our formula. With deep pigmentation, the process of lightening often takes between 8-12 weeks. If you suffer from melasma, pigment mustache, dark armpits, etc. Then you can assume that the result will be clearly visible after about 8 weeks.

  • PH neutral and perfume free

    Because you use Skinlight for a longer period of time, it is all the more important that it is also tolerated by your skin. The formula feels soft and nourishes the skin. If your skin does react sensitively, we always offer a suitable solution. The fastest way to contact us is via the chat function at the bottom right.

  • Works well, has reduced my melasma.

    Tested by @cute_rebel

  • Small pigment spots on the face

    Tested by @shelleyannn