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Melasma Removal Tips from Skin Specialist Marie

Did you know that melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation? Dark brown spots appear on the skin that are usually erratic in shape. Melasma is especially common in women and for a reason. Melasma often develops during or just after pregnancy. You have probably heard of the term pregnancy mask. A brown discoloration on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip and chin. But what exactly can you do about it and can it be prevented?

Disturbed pigment formation

When we talk about melasma, we are talking about a form of hyperpigmentation in which the skin produces too much and unwanted pigment. We call this disturbed pigment formation. When your skin produces melanin, you want this to happen evenly. If something does not go quite right here, you will not get an even brown color, but scattered brown spots over the face. A disturbance in the production of pigment can be caused by UV radiation and hormones.

Melasma in het gezicht
Melasma in the face

The different types of melasma

  • Superficial melasma
  • Deep melasma

There are different forms of melasma. You have a deep and a more superficial shape. Superficial melasma lies only in the epidermis. The melasma looks like a kind of brown mask that is treatable. Treatment is more difficult for deeper pigment spots. You can recognize this by the gray-blue color.

Prevent melasma

Use sun protection every day. You have probably heard this tip for a long time and that is certainly not for nothing. Melasma is activated by UV radiation from sunlight. You are more susceptible to this when you suffer from hormonal fluctuations, such as during pregnancy. But make no mistake, even after giving birth you still have an increased chance of developing melasma. So be careful and lubricate well.

Which factor suffices?

It is important when you choose to protect the skin from sunlight. That you choose the right factor. You often find spf 15 in day creams. This is too low. The effect of a low factor evaporates too quickly, so that you are no longer protected in no time. Rather opt for a factor of 30. Are you outside all day? don't forget to reapply it. The advice is to re-lubricate every 3 hours. So choose a fine sunscreen that has been specially developed for the face.

melasma verwijderen ervaringen

Melasma removal with Skinlight

fight melasma

There are several effective treatments to reduce melasma. With superficial melasma located in the epidermis, a good pigment cream is sufficient. You apply a pigment cream over the entire face twice a day. It is important that you use this pigment cream for a long time. Even when the dark discoloration has faded. So choose a good product that you like and that responds well to your skin.

Skinlight pigmentcreme

Skinlight's melasma cream is very effective. The formula is able to tackle dark discolorations. The cream penetrates three skin layers and that is unique. Dark discolorations are tackled so that your skin regains its even complexion.

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