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You absolutely need to know this about skin bleaching

Skin bleaching is something that has been around for years and was discovered in Asia and India. Huidbleking is to lighten the skin. This can have several reasons, the main one being to tackle pigment ailments. Common skin conditions where skin bleaching can help are:

  • Tackling color difference from face to neck and décolleté
  • Addressing color difference on the body such as armpits, back of the knees and bikini line
  • Lightening melasma and hyperpigmentation
  • Make dull skin glow
  • Addressing skin discolorations caused by acne (cuts)

How does Skinlight work?

Skinlight skin whitening ensures that the skin is lightened up to 3 shades. It is important that the cream is used intensively. Preferably 2x a day. There are both bleaching and caring ingredients in the cream. These are formulated in such a way that the cream is able to illuminate the skin without drying it out. We have noticed that most users get results between 6-12 weeks. This can go faster for one person and take a little longer for the other.

Briefly summarized:

  • You use Skinlight 2x a day
  • Preferably in combination with a sunscreen
  • In case of lack of results, apply the cream 3 times a day

How do I bleach my skin safely?

There are many creams and lotions in circulation with aggressive ingredients that do more harm than good to the skin. We thought that was a great pity, because there is no other product that can actually lighten the skin. That is why Skinlight was created. A cream with natural skin bleaching ingredients that is able to lighten the skin up to 3 shades. You can whiten the skin in a safe way with the Skinlight cream.

huid bleken voor en na
Example of dull looking skin, versus radiant and healthy looking skin

Can I actually lighten my skin with skin bleaching?

If you want to tackle discolorations in the skin and are considering skin whitening, you can assume that you can actually whiten the skin with a skin whitening cream such as Skinlight. You can bleach the skin with a skin bleaching cream.

Where can I buy Skinlight?

You can buy Skinlight in our shop or via We ship our orders discreetly and quickly. If you order at, you will receive your order the same day. If you have a discount code, it can only be used on our regular webshop. If you order there, you will receive the order the next working day. Tip: keep an eye on our points of sale page to view the latest points of sale.

When will I see results with Skinlight?

Most Skinlight users see results after about 8-12 weeks when used twice a day. Skinlight works best when you use it intensively. In our Skinlight reviews you sometimes see reviews in which people indicate that they have achieved faster results. And that is certainly possible. It just depends on how deep the discoloration is. In any case, take into account the aforementioned time indication.

pigmentvlekken bleken

How do I use Skinlight to lighten melasma?

For melasma and hyperpigmentation, we recommend applying the cream only around the discoloration. Except when the discoloration covers almost the entire face, then it is advisable to apply the cream over the entire face. A pregnancy mask is often characterized by discoloration on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip and chin. Melasma can present itself very differently. For example, one person may only suffer from a so-called pigment mustache, while the other will have melasma all over the face. Not sure how best to use the cream? Please feel free to contact us. Our customer service is available daily via facebook and whatsapp.

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