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Dark bikini line lightening tips

Do you have dark skin after shaving or waxing? Then you're not alone. A dark bikini line is common in women with fair to dark skin tones. It is an annoying skin problem that you would like to get rid of. There are several methods for a dark pubic area to prevent. I also have some treatment methods in store for you that are very effective. Remember that prevention is always better than treatment.

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Origin of dark bikini line


dark pubic area is in most cases caused by shaving or waxing. That's because you damage the skin every time you shave or wax. Many people know that the skin can be damaged, but not that you can have an accumulation of pigment. To prevent this, waxing is not recommended. You can shave, but don't go too often with the razor over the skin. Shave in two passes rather than hair removal all at once.

Accumulation of dead skin cells

Dead skin cells often do not go away automatically during a shower. You really need to exfoliate the skin to get rid of this. Don't you do this and will it take quite a while? then you can one dark bikini line left over. To get rid of this, the advice is to scrub. If necessary, add a little lemon juice or milk for a better result. Lemon and milk both have acids that lighten the skin.

Ingrown hairs

Did you know that you can get dark spots from ingrown hairs? One suffers more from ingrown hairs than the other. Do you really have this after every shaving session? try to prevent this by applying a nourishing oil immediately after shaving. No lotion or anything that irritates the skin, because that is counterproductive.

Dark bikini line whitening tips

A dark discoloration of the skin can be treated well. There are several ways you can get started yourself, namely:

1. Pubic area whitening: lightening the skin with a skin-friendly bleaching cream works wonders. You apply the cream to the skin that is dark colored. You do that twice a day. Do not expect immediate results, you are supposed to use the cream for a longer period of time. You can also use the cream as maintenance so that the skin remains lighter.

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Lighten the dark bikini line with Skinlight

What is a good skin whitening cream?

Choose a skin whitening cream that can actually lighten the skin. Pigment spot creams will not work sufficiently. A well-regarded skin whitening product is Skinlight. This is a natural cream without perfume and weird additives with which you can remove the bikini line whitening can. The cream is ph skin neutral, so it can be used for intimate parts.

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