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Skin ailment: dark spots on back cause + treatment

Dark spots on your back: an annoying ailment that is common in people with a light to dark complexion. It is an ailment that in most cases arises from previous acne. In this article you can read why you can develop this ailment and what you can do about it + actual effective treatment methods to get rid of it.

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Treatment methods dark spots on back

1. Determine the cause
2. Solve cause
3. Treat dark spots + choose treatment method

What causes dark spots on the skin?

In most cases, the cause of dark spots on the skin can be easily identified. There are a number of factors that influence the development of pigment spots promote. Think about:

– Wounds such as acne
– Sunlight (UV radiation)
– Aptitude
– Rapid development of melanin

Test: how do you find out the cause?

In the case of wounds such as acne, you can check whether you used to suffer from it. You probably know that all too well and still deal with it today. In that case, it is important that you effectively tackle the acne. Invest in good care specially developed for your skin type and degree of acne complaints. If you have dark skin, don't just buy a product at the drugstore. The vast majority of the range at drugstores in the Netherlands is only suitable for European skin. After you have dealt with the acne well, you can move on to the treatment and reduction of the dark spots on your back.

pigmentvlek in gezicht

Visible pigment spot in the face. This can be treated well, the color of the pigment spot can become up to three shades lighter with Skinlight

Sunlight (UV radiation) is one of the main culprits in the case of melanin complaints such as an accumulation of pigment in the skin. As soon as your skin is exposed to sunlight, your skin automatically produces melanin. The skin does this to protect against the harmful rays from the sun. A very beautiful and smart mechanism. In some cases, this process does not go well, causing you to develop pigment spots. Causes of situations when the skin produces too much melanin are: during hormone fluctuations, menopause or excessive sun exposure.

Predisposition can also be a simple cause of dark spots on the skin. Is this complaint common in your family? there is a good chance that you will also develop this and the cause lies with you. To prevent a hereditary complaint such as this as much as possible, it is important to properly protect the skin against UV radiation. So don't leave the house without having properly rubbed it with an spf factor.

Rapid development of melanin can also cause an excess of pigment in one specific area of ​​the skin. A rapid production of melanin does not always mean that you are more likely to have pigment spots. Often one of the other factors as mentioned earlier also plays a role.

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How do dark spots appear on your back?
Dark spots on the skin can be caused by (former) acne, sunlight and predisposition. Because acne can damage the skin, the skin produces more melanin. This results in a dark pigment spot.

What can you do against dark spots on the skin?
To prevent dark spots in the future, it is important to address the cause. Is that acne in your case? then tackle the acne by using good acne cleansing products. To remove the dark spots on the skin, you can use a skin lightening cream.

What can you do about dark pimple scars?
Dark pimple scars are treatable. There are several methods you can choose from, namely: laser treatment, exfoliation and skin lightening cream.

Question and answer

Skin lightening cream

If you are looking for a cream to significantly reduce spots on the back within a few weeks, Skinlight Whitening is highly recommended. Skinlight Whitening ensures that the spots on your skin will fade week after week. The result is therefore wonderful. The skin regains a healthy, beautiful complexion so that you can enjoy yourself again in the spring and summer months without any worries.

Where can I order Skinlight?

You may think you need a prescription. However, this is not correct. If you choose Skinlight's skin-friendly cosmetic cream, you can order it simply and very discreetly online. You just surf to Order skin light and you then choose how many packs you will need, after which you can order online.

How many packs of Skinlight do I need for a good result?

Skinlight is a very economical and effective formula. That is why our advice, regardless of whether you want to treat a few pigment spots or larger surfaces on your back, is that one pack of Skinlight is sufficient.

Is this cream suitable for my skin?

The whitening cream is PH neutral and consists of natural ingredients. The cream absorbs quickly and is not greasy for the skin. In addition, it contains perfume. This makes it suitable for every skin type.

Is Skinlight suitable for dark skin?

We get this question very often. And the answer is yes, Skinlight cream is also suitable for dark skin and Asian skin.

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