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Step-by-step plan for tackling brown pigment spots!

Brown pigment spots can become very annoying. Especially when you've been looking for the ideal solution for a while and can't seem to find it. This may be because you are doing things that are not recommended brown pigment spots. It is really recommended to be careful with all kinds of Chinese methods such as Chinese herbs, algae and fungi. It is important to try the methods below and more importantly, to prevent pigmentation.


Can you prevent brown pigment spots? 

Absolute! Although, of course, there are several causes for the occurrence of brown pigment spots, the sun is one of them. When your skin is exposed to sunlight for too long, your skin will create a protective layer based on melanin. When this all goes perfectly, your skin will get a nice brown color. But not everything always runs perfectly, so this process can also go wrong. When this happens, a nice brown color is not created, but then there is an accumulation of pigment, which causes it brown pigment spots to appear. How can you prevent this? Applying a protective sun cream to your skin yourself can prevent many problems. Even if you think it is not necessary, it is best to apply sun cream. There is nothing wrong with applying sunscreen every day of the year to protect the skin. Especially when your skin is extremely sensitive to pigment, this is even recommended.


Pigment spots removal methods 

Pigment spots removal methods are there enough but which method is best? One of these methods is a peeling. By means of a high concentration of acid, the top layer of the skin is removed. The dead skin cells are removed, excess pigment disappears and the cells of the upper skin layer start to renew themselves. This is how fresh, new skin gradually emerges. A laser or light treatment is also part of the pigmentation removal methods. This is even better in some cases. The type of pigmentation, the type of skin you have and the depth of the pigment spots all play a role in this.

Talk to a dermatologist 

When you are really desperate and no longer see solutions for yourself, you can always contact a dermatologist. He will work with you to see how big the problem is and what the options are. Anyway, there is a solution for pigment spots and it's not a lost cause as you always thought! 

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