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This is how your upper lip pigment fades

If we pigment spots then we prefer to have them in places where they are not too noticeable. On our legs, our stomachs, our arms. When we have these on our face or more specifically above our upper lip, this is often experienced as not pleasant. If you have pigment on your upper lip, it may look like you have a pigment mustache. Of course you don't have a real mustache, but the spots above your lip are called a pigment mustache because it can look like that. Some people struggle a lot with this, some even for a long time. Many people do not know that a pigment mustache can be treated perfectly and that is why the tricks are listed here.

Cream against pigment mustache

If you want to get rid of your pigment spots for good, wherever they are, Skinlight is the perfect solution. This is a cream against pigment spots that you can get in the drugstore or pharmacy. It is not expensive at all and is very economical. It lasts for a long time because you only need to use a small amount each time. How do you work with Skinlight? You apply the cream to the pigment mustache up to twice a day and let it take effect. Feel free to use a moisturizing cream as extra care. Then you let Skinlight do its job, it will penetrate deep into the skin with its special whitening technology. It will pulverize the existing pigment and stop the production of new pigment. Within two weeks you will see that your pigment mustache has already reduced a lot.

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Skin lightening cream

Treatment with laser

If you would like to immediately use the large resources, this is of course also possible. Then it is recommended to talk to your skin specialist. It is also possible that there is a medical cause for your pigment on the upper lip. Of course, this does not have to be the case and therefore a laser treatment can also be proposed. This is a treatment that the skin specialist will perform and in which the light of the laser will penetrate deep into the skin. It will work its way up to the skin cells and start destroying the pigment in the skin cells. Fortunately, the rest of your skin cells remain intact. The treatment is completely painless, although you might expect otherwise. You may, however, experience some side effects. These are usually a little red skin and some itching. Side effects that disappear very quickly.

Peeling of the skin

To tackle pigment spots, you can consider using a chemical peel to undergo. This treatment is also done by a skin specialist and is usually used for pigment spots that are located in the upper layers of the skin. With this method, a chemical mask is smeared above your upper lip, which will cause the top layer of skin to peel. As a result, pigment spots that are located there will also be removed.

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