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Whitening crème | The different types

A whitening crème can be used for different purposes. Usually such a cream is used for skin ailments where there is too much pigment in one spot. Such pigment deposits become pigment spots named.

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Before and after of dark circles after 10 weeks of use

Whitening cream against dark pigment

A whitening cream can also be used for other purposes, such as larger surfaces such as armpits or knee cavities. A whitening cream is also used for dark circles.

A whitening cream can be used for many purposes

Did you know that you have such a skin lightening cream can be used for many skin problems? Below are the main ones:

  • dark circles around the eyes
  • freckles and moles
  • entire face or other parts of the body
  • pigment spots and age spots
  • melasma/pregnancy mask
  • dark armpits and knee cavities
  • pigment mustache (face)

What exactly does a whitening cream do?

A whitening crème combats dark pigment. It does not matter much in this case what you use the cream for. It is always the intention that you apply the cream to the dark areas that you would like to bleach. Usually you do that twice a day on clean and dry skin. You often don't see a difference immediately, that usually happens in phases. You will start to see starting results after 4-8 weeks. A good cream that I can recommend is Skinlight whitening treatment. The cream is from Dutch soil and works very well. A major advantage of Skinlight is that it is PH neutral and perfume-free. This makes the cream suitable for everyone regardless of skin type.

Why a whitening cream is better than laser in the short term

In the short term, but also certainly for the longer term whitening crème have more advantages than laser. You often get results much faster with a cream because it takes effect immediately. The pigment becomes lighter after the first time, while this can take much longer with laser. With a good whitening cream you get faster results. In addition, the costs for a cream are many times lower than a laser treatment. The risk of complications is also nil. The procedure is also much less drastic. Please note that you may be able to achieve a better result with laser. Especially when it comes to the treatment of deep pigment spots. A laser beam can penetrate deeper into the different skin layers. However, with laser you will have to repeat the treatment every year or more often.

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The different between Whitening creams

There are many types of whitening products on the market. One is more aggressive than the other, which means that one gives more side effects than the other. When choosing a whitening cream, look at the ingredients list and where the product is made/produced. Products from India, for example, are often very aggressive to the skin and do more harm than good to your skin. You can get bad ulcers or the pigmentation can be completely disrupted, making your skin anything but smooth. The aggressive species is available at Asian shops, among other places. So avoid this one! We have developed a skin-friendly whitening cream that gradually lightens the skin. It was developed in the Netherlands and therefore immediately meets all Dutch and European requirements. All ingredients and quantities that we use are therefore not harmful to the skin. If you want to know more about this, I advise you to read this page. Here you can read all about the effect of Skinlight.


There are many different types of whitening creams in the world. One much more aggressive than the other, but in the Netherlands the aggressive species are fortunately almost not freely available. When you buy a whitening cream from a regulated store in the Netherlands or another European country, you can be sure that it is not harmful to the skin. When in doubt, we always recommend checking the ingredient list plus where the product was manufactured. If you have any questions about this topic or want to know anything else, feel free to comment below. We try to answer all questions as quickly as possible. Thank you very much in advance for your contribution! 🙂


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