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Remove pigment spots: These 3 methods really work

Remove pigment spots certainly doesn't have to be difficult or impossible. Nowadays there are many effective ways to get rid of pigment spots. Remove pigment spots is something thousands of people are looking for every month in the Netherlands alone. And that's not for nothing. We are also increasingly dealing with this annoying skin ailment. Think of the many hours of sunshine to which our skin is exposed due to the beautiful summers, but also certainly the sun-drenched holidays.

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What can you do about it?

You can remove pigment spots by means of different methods. I have found out for you which methods work best. And that ended up being three. These three methods really work in reducing pigment spots and therefore also give visible results. One method is more intensive than the other, and there is also a difference in price per method. More information below.

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  2. Visible result guaranteed
  3. Pigment spots disappear completely or become much less noticeable

You can think of various laser treatments. These are very effective and give a lasting result. You can also go for a chemical peeling at a dermatologist. This treatment is aimed at renewing the skin. And as a last method you can go for our Skinlight formula. An accessible method in which you make pigment spots less noticeable up to 3 shades.

Method 1) Chemical peel (exfoliate)

Remove pigment spots with a chemical peeling gives a beautiful and lasting result. This method can be done by a dermatologist. Via google you will often find plenty of dermatologists in your area who offer this. This is a method that works with a kind of mask. It is a mask that ensures that the skin will shed enormously in the weeks that follow. The intention is that old skin cells literally fall off so that new skin takes its place. Often the treatment has to be repeated a number of times for a beautiful and lasting result. Pigment spots are often hidden in multiple skin layers, which means that multiple treatments are required. You often notice after 1 treatment that your skin looks younger and more radiant.

The result?

With exfoliation you can achieve a very nice result. It takes a while, but the result is definitely worth it. Pigment spots can disappear completely. With this method you can get the complexion even again. It can always happen that pigment spots come back. Pigment spots are often caused by an imbalance in the hormone system. But rest assured, you can always have another treatment afterwards to maintain things a bit.

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Methode 2) Skinlight Whitening Treatment

Skinlight is a strong pigment cream and is able to actually lighten pigment. Where other creams fail to do this, often because they are simply not strong enough, you can achieve a very good result with Skinlight. In addition to pigment spots, this cream is also widely used to correct color differences. With light to dark skin, you quickly have to deal with a color difference from face to neck and décolleté. You can also use Skinlight to lighten dark armpits or knee cavities, for example.

If you want to use Skinlight to remove pigment spots, you can do so in two ways.

  1. The first way is suitable for single pigment spots. When you have this, you only have to apply the cream to these pigment spots. You can actually touch them. Then let it soak in for a while and spread the rest. Repeat this 2-3 times a day.
  2. Way two is suitable for people with many pigment spots such as hyperpigmentation or melasma. In this case, the advice is to apply the cream all over the face. Preferably in combination with a sunscreen. Repeat this at least twice a day.

Method 3) Lasering pigment spots

Lasering pigment spots is also a very effective method. This method is not suitable for everyone and can also be quite expensive. Nevertheless, you can achieve a very good result with this treatment. This method is especially suitable for people with some pigment spots. These can be large but also small spots. This method is not suitable for the treatment of hyperpigmentation or melasma. The reason for this is that in such cases you have to pack a lot more skin and that is not good for the skin. If you have some dark spots, this method is very suitable. Keep in mind that you often have to come back 2-3 times to actually get rid of the spots properly. After that you can enjoy it permanently. This method is also very suitable for red spots in the face.

Which method appeals to you the most? Let us know in a comment below.

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