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Age spots on the face: how do they arise and how do you get rid of them

Age spots, the word actually contradicts itself, but these spots can occur at any age. It is true that as you get older, more age spots appear. In particular, it is noted that there are more age spots face to arise. Unfortunately, you can't stop aging, we all get older. But of course there are things you can do preventively and fortunately there are also solutions against pigment spots and age spots.

Types of age spots 

Just like with pigment spots age spots on face also available in different types. There are four different types of age spots and they are these:

  1. Blood blisters: These are age spots that are not the color you would expect. Like most age spots, they are not brown, but have a red or purple color. They develop with age, but they are completely harmless.
  2. Liver spots: This type of age spots is the most common. They are also known as sun spots or liver spots.
  3. Age warts: These age spots look different than most spots. They are somewhat warty and can sometimes grow larger than a few centimeters. They are mainly light or dark brown in color.
  4. White age spots: These are usually white round spots from 3 to 8 mm. They are less common on the face, but more common on areas such as the arms, legs, and décolletage. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for this type of stain. Make-up or self-tanning lotions can be a camouflage.

The appearance of age spots 

It is often said that you should protect and care for your skin from a young age. However, this is completely true, you will definitely reap the benefits later on. For example, if you often expose your skin to the sun and do not apply it properly, you are more likely to get age spots later on. The sun is the main cause of age spots. Protecting your skin well against the sun is therefore the message! 

Means against pigment spots 

anti-pigmentation agent, but which can also be used for age spots, is Skinlight. It can be used for all kinds of skin and skin discolorations anti-pigmentation agent the skin will gradually whiten. Skinlight is made from mainly natural ingredients and has a neutral PH value. This makes the cream suitable for every skin type and you do not have to be afraid of allergies. 

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