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Reduce color difference from face to neck

People with a tinted to dark skin color recognize this problem immediately. Color difference in the skin, where your face is several shades darker than the rest of your body. This is most noticeable from your face to neck and neck. A recognizable problem for many who would rather be lost than rich. What you would much rather have is an even skin where your face is also the radiant center. 

What's the problem?

  • Face darker than the rest of the body
  • Color difference most noticeable from face to nape and neck
  • Color difference also occurs on the hands, but not in everyone

How do you get rid of this color difference?

You're probably doing this now with an illuminating foundation or powder. After all, you can easily mask this. But the annoying thing about this is that you have to do this every morning. And that's actually not fun at all. Rather, you wake up with a radiant complexion, and use your makeup only to accentuate your best features. Rather not to hide something of yourself. 

How can we help you?

We recognize this problem like no other and are happy to help you get rid of it. Already 8 years ago we started Skinlight. A strong formula with which you can actually lighten dark pigment. Our product has many users in the Netherlands, but now also in Belgium. Of course we are very proud of this!

Lighten pigment

Indeed, you read that right. With Skinlight you make pigment lighter. Our formula can lighten the skin many shades. And is also suitable for all pigment disorders where an accumulation of pigment is the culprit. You can recognize an accumulation of pigment by pigment that has become darker. This also includes pigment spots and dark circles. 

  • Lightens pigment up to 3 shades
  • Can be used for all pigment discolorations
  • Easy to use and absorbable
  • Luxurious bottle packaging so that the contents can be kept for a long time

How do you use Skinlight?

Skinlight whitening cream you use it quite intensively, namely twice a day. You apply a small amount at a time, and spread it generously. The cream is absorbed into the skin quite quickly, so give it a little time to absorb. Then feel free to use your own products as you are used to. In the summer months it is best to combine the cream with a sun factor. This improves the result!

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