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Dark armpits: causes, tips and solutions

We women are a difficult breed when it comes to our looks. We are not easily satisfied with how we look and will always find something about our body that is less good. For example, one person thinks he is too fat, the other would like a nice brown color and someone else has a love-hate relationship with the hair. But what many people don't know is that another common problem dark armpits to be. Especially in women who have darker skin, dark underarms can be common. In this article you will find tips and solutions to get rid of dark underarms to make possible.

No more shaving but epilation

You might not expect it at all, but dark underarms after shaving happens more often than you think. When you shave your armpits, it is often forgotten that the hairs are only removed on the outside of the skin. The hairs and roots remain on the inside of your skin, so you get a dark color under your skin. This makes it look like you have dark armpits. A simple solution can be to stop shaving your armpits and epilate instead. With this method you not only remove the hairs on the outside, but you also take the roots with you. This is already a first way get rid of dark underarms to make possible.

Live healthy

The skin is one of our most important and largest organs in our body, so it is important to take good care of it. It is common knowledge that we should take good care of our body by eating healthy and exercising enough. However, this also has a major impact on our skin. Drinking plenty of water plays a major role in this. When you drink up to 2 liters of water per day, this will have a good effect on our skin. No more dark skin, no more dehydrated skin and your skin will just glow more. Also take a closer look at your diet and get some more exercise. You will find that you are not alone dark underarms after shaving can get but also when you don't live a healthy life.

Cream against pigment spots

If you live a healthy life, exercise enough and drink more than enough water, then you have to look for another solution. There are plenty of expensive treatments, but it is still recommended to try Skinlight first. This is a cream that fights against the pigment spots. When you apply it to the spots up to 2 times a day, it will penetrate deep into the skin with its special whitening technology. As a result, you will notice a serious difference after a few weeks and your armpits will be much paler!

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