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Pigment spots removal methods

Pigment spots removal methods - Pigment spots are generally more a purveyor of burdens rather than pleasures. They are very annoying and can even make people who suffer from them feel insecure. Of course, it is quite possible to mask them. For example, by going to work with foundation on and other types of make-up. Or when you have them on your neck by wearing a scarf. But luckily there are several methods to remove the pigment spots.

Remove pigmentation spots by means of peeling

You can go to a clinic or a beauty salon to have your pigment spots removed by means of peeling. A peeling is a chemical treatment that removes the top skin cells from the epidermis. By doing this. The pigment grains that are in the skin are also immediately removed. If you suffer from multiple spots, or if spots are larger, multiple treatments are required for optimal results. Since it is a chemical treatment, you must be sure that your skin can withstand this. At a good beauty salon or clinic, the right questions will be asked about this, even before an appointment is even made.

Remove pigment spots with laser

Another method to remove the pigment spots is by laser. Because the laser is a certain light wave outside the visible spectrum and the wave only has a single frequency. Is it very easy to be able to aim it at one specific point. It is quite a painful procedure and it generally involves several consecutive treatments. So often a local anesthetic is used with this method.

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Pigmentremove stains with cream

One more method is by one whitening crème with a bleaching effect on the pigment spots. This is perhaps the most common way. In addition to being painful, the other methods are also quite expensive, which is absolutely not the case here. It is painless and also much cheaper to do. You can apply the cream that you can use for this twice a day to the places where the pigment spots are that you want to treat. You generally have to keep this up for about six to eight weeks before you finally see the result. Of course you will certainly see the spots fade in between. But for a good result you will soon be busy for 8 weeks.


Regardless of which of these methods you want to use to significantly reduce pigment spots, it is very important to have the spots thoroughly examined first, to rule out any malignant spots. Simply make an appointment with your general practitioner or dermatologist, who will check everything thoroughly for you and, if necessary, have it examined.

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