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Face darker than rest of body | Skinlight

Gezicht donkerder dan rest van lichaam | Skinlight

Is your face darker than the rest of your body? Then you probably know very well the irritation that comes with this. Think of correcting the skin color with foundation and powders. But also any anger and/or shame that may result from this. Irregular skin is just very annoying. Don't worry because you can do something about this yourself.

Causes of dark pigment in the face

When it face is darker than the rest of the body. This is in most cases due to sunlight, or UV radiation. Your face and hands get a lot more sun than the rest of the body. Only daylight can cause a color difference. That is the main reason why you dark spots on the face than elsewhere on the body.

donkere vlekken op de huid

Another common reason is predisposition. When you easily produce pigment, you are more sensitive to color difference from face to neck and décolleté. After all, your skin produces pigment faster, which causes this skin problem. A solution could be to use sun protection daily. So especially on days when the sun is not visible and is hiding behind the clouds.

Remove dark spots on the skin

But how do you remove dark spots on the skin? A good way is prevention and therefore prevention. And that in combination with a method in which dark spots on the skin become lighter. If you don't have dark spots, and you just find it annoying that the face is darker than the rest of the body, this method also works great.

Whitening Cream Face

It may sound a bit extreme. But the best way to lighten dark skin discolorations is with a whitening cream. A skin whitening cream that actually lightens the skin. Our whitening cream Skinlight has been specially developed to tackle such skin problems. The cream gives fast and lasting results with daily use.

whitening cream gezicht

How does a whitening cream work?

A skin whitening cream actually works just like a day and night cream. You apply the cream twice a day to the skin that you would like to lighten. When this is the face, apply the cream all over the face. Even with dark spots on the cheeks, upper lip and forehead, apply the cream all over the face.

The cream contains active ingredients that are able to lighten the skin in a friendly way. We do this by means of a combination of natural acids. In addition, there are also many caring ingredients in the cream that, among other things, stimulate collagen production in the skin. This keeps the skin hydrated dark spots on the skin lighter and the production of too much melanin is slowed down.

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